Update of the Integrated Management Plan for Urban Solid Waste (PGIRSU) of the City of Beira

Sep 2022 - In progress

In response to the public tender launched by the Ministry of Land and Environment in June 2022, ETHAIA was the company hired to facilitate the update of the Integrated Management Plan for Urban Solid Waste of the City of Beira. Work will begin shortly on the basis of the active involvement of the various actors of the Municipal Council and Municipality.

Study on waste operation models and creation of an autonomous unit in the City of Beira

Sep 2022 – Apr 2023

Considering the relevance of the operation in the waste management systems of the City of Beira, CAM – Consortium Associations of Mozambique, within the scope of the LimpaMOS MOZAMBIQUE project, which has the support of AICS (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation), hired ETHAIA to study the creation of a new entity with management and financial autonomy, to deal with the management of urban solid waste in the City of Beira.

Support for the preparation of the Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Plan (PGIRSU) of the City of Pemba


In this work, ETHAIA supported the Municipal Council of the City of Pemba, within the scope of the “MAISPEMBA” project, run by E35 Foundation and co-financed by the European Commission, in defining an integrated waste strategy for the capital city of Cabo Delgado in Mozambique. The approach focused on the participatory definition of the action plan for sustainable waste management in the city, taking into account its various challenges (and opportunities). In this context, different consultation and training actions were carried out for the different local actors.

Manual of Composting and Erosion Control

Within the scope of the project “Restoring the environment in Nacala-Porto through the remission of organic waste in the environment and the reintegration of vulnerable groups into society” co-funded by the European Union, executed by the Municipality of Nacala Porto, NGO LVIA and ANAMM, ETHAIA provided technical support for the elaboration of a manual that aggregates composting and measures to combat erosion.

Nampula Controlled Landfill Project

Last April 12, 2019 Ethaia had the honor of signing the contract with the NGO Progettomondo.mlal which, within the scope of its “Nampula Even More Clean” Project financed by the European Union, chose ETHAIA to start the studies necessary to define the controlled landfill in the city. The works to be carried out in this first phase include the definition of the engineering solution as well as the environmental studies.

Training in Composting and Waste Management

Between 30 October and 9 November 2018, ETHAIA formed the group of operators of the Okhalassana Composting Center in Nacala, as well as technicians and workers from the Municipal Council of the City of Nacala under the project “Restoration of the Environment” co- financed by the European Union and implemented by the Municipal Council, NGO LVIA and National Association of Municipalities of Mozambique (ANAMM). In this context, several theoretical-practical sessions were held, having built several compost piles and started the installation.

In addition to training, the Center's Operational Guide was prepared, as well as information and dissemination material.